Business Owners Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Posting

Q: How does my business obtain financing?

  • Apply online at
  • During the registration and online application process you will be asked to submit company details and documentation such as recent tax returns, income statements, bank statements and balance sheet to support your application. The type of financial statements will vary depending on the size of your loan.
  • You will also receive instructions to guide you through the email and bank account verification processes.
  • Once completed, your application will be reviewed by our credit assessment team.
  • You will be notified via e-mail if your application gets approved by Funding Wonder.
  • Should we require more information, our credit team will contact you.
  • Once your loan request is approved by Funding Wonder and you have filed a Form C with the Securities Exchange Commission, your business will be posted in the Funding Wonder Marketplace.

Q: What types of loans can a business post on Funding Wonder?

Funding Wonder generally posts loan requests with the following attributes:

  • Amount – $50,000 to $500,000.
  • Term – 12 months to 60 months.
  • Repayment – Monthly principal and interest payments back to investors.
  • Security – Personal guarantees from director/owner and may also be secured by assets or property.

Fees and Charges

Q: What does Funding Wonder charge?

There are no fees to apply and pre-qualify to post your loan. Once your loan posting is approved by Funding Wonder and posted on, we will charge a $500, one time Posting Fee. When your loan is funded, you will be charged a one time fee of 6% of the loan amount.

Q: Are there charges for Failed Payments?

When an automatic payment is rejected by the borrower’s bank, a Failed Payment Fee is charged to the borrower to cover the cost Funding Wonder incurs on the transaction. This could happen if there is insufficient balance in the borrower’s bank account, the bank account has been closed or the account is otherwise suspended. Each attempt to collect the monthly payment is considered a separate transaction, so a Failed Payment Fee may be assessed for each failed attempt. The amount of a Failed Payment Fee is $10.

Q: Are there Late Payment Fees?

When a borrower’s payment is late after a 15-day grace period, a Late Payment Fee is assessed on the 16th day to compensate investors for the delay. This fee is prorated and then passed on to the investors. The amount of a Late Payment Fee is the greater of 4.00% of the unpaid installment amount, or $10. This fee may be charged only once per late payment.

Loan Repayment

Q: Can my business pay back a loan early?

You may partially or fully prepay your loan at any time with no prepayment penalty or fee.  Paying down your principal early will reduce or eliminate future interest payments. A full prepayment of principal will pay off your loan and bring an end to your monthly payments. A partial prepayment does not reduce the amount of your monthly payment but does reduce the amount of interest you will pay during the life of your loan by allowing you to complete repayment of your loan earlier than the original maturity date (last payment due date).

Q: How are loan repayments calculated?

Loan repayments are calculated using the same formulas used by banks and other financial institutions, with the interest rate being applied as an Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) and not as a flat rate (if the interest rate were applied as a flat rate it would substantially increase your cost of financing). Monthly repayments will always be equal, consisting of interest payments and repayments of the outstanding principal of the loan. Each month the interest portion of the payment will typically go down and the principal portion will go up. The full repayment schedule for your loan can be seen at any time in the account section of Funding Wonder or in the Loan Contract.