Nov '2017

What is an ICO Initial Coin Offering and How Does it Work

ICO’s are a form of cryptocurrency that are distributed by startups in order to secure funding. In other words, they are sold to investors as means of crowdfunding certain ventures. They can be seen as roughly analogous to stock certificates, but unlike stock certificates, they may or may not endow an individual investor with an […]

Aug '2017

Small Business Financing is Helping the Economy and Here s Proof

Image Credit There are reasons to be optimistic as a small business owner right now. The Index of Small Business Optimism — aptly named — has increased another 1.6 points and was hanging high at 105.2 as of July. No matter what you’ve heard from friends or whispered rumors online, the economy is doing better. […]

Jun '2017

Funding Wonder - Good for Business, Good for America

Did you know that small businesses account for 99% of all US businesses? There are close to 30 million small businesses with less than 500 employees. They really are the lifeblood of our economy. Franchise businesses in particular are growing faster than our economy as a whole. Franchises alone are responsible for $820 billion in […]

Mar '2017

Digital Marketing Small Business Trends for 2017

In Small Business Trends for 2017, we explored small business predictions in finance and investment and how crowdfunding is expected to play a significant role in financing small businesses. We also took a look at how startups are evolving and on the rise. In a continuation to the Small Business Trends for 2017 series, we […]

Mar '2017

Small Business Trends for 2017

What does 2017 have in store for small businesses? With the intense and turbulent elections over, business owners are looking forward to more stability. And keeping a keen eye on upcoming developments and rising small business trends is a smart way to position themselves for success this 2017. Let’s explore some predictions for small business […]

Feb '2017

Small Businesses Can Now Solicit Investments Through Public Platforms

There was a time when participating in the public markets was always restricted to large businesses, primarily on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ where they could solicit investment from the general public. Now with regulation crowdfunding, a business can essentially simulate a public offering and other securities to the general public without […]

Feb '2017

Financing a Business Loan Through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a relatively new approach to borrowing money for a business, one that is expected to transform the financial industry over the next decade. It allows a large group of individual investors – “the Crowd” – to put money directly into businesses they believe will offer them a good return on investment. Until last […]

Aug '2016

Within its first three months, Regulation Crowdfunding investor commitments for campaigns that have met their minimum funding goals have surpassed $5 million, as reported by NextGen Crowdfunding. Regulation Crowdfunding, also known as Title III or Reg CF for short, enables companies to raise up to $1M from non-accredited investors. The regulation became effective on May […]

Jun '2016

New York – The International Franchise Expo (IFE) hosted over 400 franchise exhibitors at the Javits center June 15-17 and Funding Wonder was among them. According to Michael Mildenberger, CEO of Funding Wonder, “Our experience at IFE confirmed what we already have been seeing. The franchise industry is booming and many franchise owners are interested in alternative forms of financing to build […]

May '2016

Anyone who operates a small business knows that it is tough to secure loans from traditional sources such as banks to scale your operation. Funding Wonder was built to solve that problem and recently we have been given a new tool to help put alternative financing in the hands of responsible business owners. It is called Regulation […]